You Came Here to Have Fun!

Today is September 1st and school has already started for most of our children. And full disclosure my daughter, Sophia, is moving from a Waldorf education that she has participated in for since pre-K. She is starting 7th grade and attending a public school in our neighborhood. Now I too moved from a private school that I attended for five years and then went to a public school and I only experienced one slight difference. I had professionally trained teachers who could identify and help children with learning differences. That was me. Other then that change school was pretty much the same and recess was still my favorite subject.
Today, I look at what my daughter most deal with. First off all her classes are online and she has a mix of Zoom meetings and school-specific applications. This alone could really be a challenge but for a Waldorf kid, who comes from a non-technical school that helps children focus on what they can create organically and with physical supplies. For example one of her classes these past six years was farming. Another class that is consistent throughout the years is handwork or needlework (sewing).
My daughter is like most kids and did grow up with iPhones and iPads so she has great familiarity with technology but now she must use it for the full school day.
The other interesting thing I have learned is that there are no more books for her classes. All the material is online or in applications. I don't think any of this is bad or good, just different.
The school district we belong to is also trying to do a hybrid school day where students can be online or a combination of online and in school. Sophia chose to do the hybrid. She really enjoys the social aspect of school and my wife and I want to support her.
This brings another challenge. COVID 19 and the lack of information we are all facing. Yes, the school system is following all the CDC recommendations, and masks are required. I have a question about that one, however. What are the ramifications of wearing a mask for at least eight hours a day? What happens when you breathe in your own carbon monoxide for that long? I don't know either but I'm curious.
And I might be a little old school here (no pun intended) but why are we having our children start school at 7:30 am? Based on all the research I have read, most children and adults don't reach full cognitive potential until after 10 am. Are we sending our kids to school early so we can get to work? Are we training them to pull ten-hour workdays like we are asked to? I really hope not.
So, I look back to my headline on this blog that states, we are here on earth to have fun. To be creative and support each other in our individual endeavors.
As I look at my daughter, I am keener than ever to help her understand that her natural curiosity and willingness to have fun should be and will be kept alive.
I will also remind myself that I too need to have fun and follow my own natural curiosity. I also know I have more to learn and experience and I trust that I will benefit from all the good as well as the things I consider not so good.
We all walk our own paths but these paths are all connected and so are we. Remember this when things look bleak. Trust your own instincts and hold tight to them. You know best but remember to be patient with others as they are learning.


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