Why Meditation is Key

So you work all day and try to eat "good" and have a healthy attitude about yourself. But for some reason, you not achieving the goals you have set for yourself and you feel a bit stuck. What should you do?
Should you start researching what next steps you should take? Do you need to start doing yoga? Or should you go back to school and get an advanced degree?
How about this, try doing nothing and see what happens. I know it sounds crazy and that goes against everything you've been taught from the day you were born.
I got news for you, this is the only way you'll be able to slow down and hear the answers to your questions.
Doing nothing is the start of doing something new. If you don't meditate or haven't even considered it then you are in a perfect position to start. This new approach creates new energy in which you can cultivate your dreams into reality.
The first step to understanding how to meditate is to know that you can't screw it up. There are many types of meditation and you can go find them out on the web and see what works best for you. I like to do guided meditation through my headphones while I lay down. You can search on the web for free versions and start there. Starting is the key and getting comfortable with the idea of just being.
More to come!


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