Why Am I Here?

It seems to be about that time in the world today when you ask yourself, why am I here. How can I be a part of this world with all this pain and suffering going on? As you take a look around at your friends and family you start to see some differences. You may even start to think that you are very different from them. What happened? How did we grow apart from each other? All good questions and thoughts. Now is the time to start to get curious. Not about how different others are from you but how you have changed.

What are you feeling now? Are you actually paying attention to your feelings or just having them and then pushing them away?

Lately, I have started to bring my feelings closer to me. I have not been trying to figure them out but instead just observing them. Yes, observe and not judge or strategize how to move on. Observation allows me to be in a STATE of awareness but without judgment. As I practice this approach with myself, I have now started to get comfortable enough to try it with my family and friends.

As I move from judgment to observation for myself it is easier to do it with people I know and with people who I encounter. This helps give me perspective and hopefully soon grace.

More to come.


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