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I'd love for you, the reader, to think about your highest and greatest excitement. What is the grandest experience you can imagine for yourself? I'll give you a minute. What? You'll need more time.   
That's what I thought. Me, too.  
My biggest challenge is to pull myself from this 3rd-dimensional reality of work, expectations, family responsibilities, and relationships and go into a space of pure imagination. I often contemplate why it is so difficult to dream as big as I want to. And, based on the time it took you to answer my questions at the beginning of this article, I suspect it is the same for you.  


Here are some ways I like to pull back and start to consider just what my grandest experience might look like. The first thing I do is pull away from a conventional thought of lying on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand. I know that most people gravitate to a vacation-like atmosphere and stop the imagination experiment there. I know that I will be bored within 7 to 10 days of just doing nothing. I like the idea of being productive and engaged as well as helping others. 
I move up from the beach scenario to a CEO who runs a major company that provides amazing services that help all humankind reach their highest and best potential. I have my family and people around me who love their work, and our customers are engaged and love what we offer. Travel is accommodated to me and my family by private jet, and every business trip is a spa vacation-like atmosphere that is full of creativity and excitement. My clothing is all custom made of the most comfortable fabrics on earth. I eat wonderful food from every culture, and I experience all that the world has to offer. I feel a sense of creation, connectedness to my life, and oneness with my purpose.  
How does that sound? Ya, I thought so too. Now I'd like to go further into my grandest experience and move beyond this earth. Now, I'd like to take advantage of the "electrogravitic" technology that we have already created in the 1920s and use it to travel beyond light speed, to other planets. I'd love to communicate and work with other interplanetary species for the good of all creation here on earth as well as other planets. Imagine waking up every day and having access to worlds beyond our solar system or galaxy and creating friendships with these other beings.  
Yes, you could say wow, that is way out there. I was just thinking I wanted to pay off my house or have a new Ferrari in the garage. I'm cool with that too, but if I'm going to imagine my highest and the best experience, I want it to be a game-changer. I want to make it count for me in a way that seems so unrealistic that it stretches me to redefine the unimaginable.  
So here is your homework. Go and find a comfortable space, lay down, and start to imagine what it is you ultimately want out of this life. Don't think about limitations in money, education, or feasibility. I want you to stretch your thoughts into what you would love to try.  
Remember my quote from Einstein yesterday's blog? If you didn't, here it is: "Imagination" is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
All of this is from a former patent clerk with no formal education who would later become the world's preeminent theoretical physicist and the author of how we measure speed in the universe, e=mc2.  
So, if you start to go down some rabbit hole of, you are not enough, or this sounds impossible, I want you to think of Alber and what he was able to accomplish that no other woman or man could do. Redefine life as we know it.   
Now, go and enjoy the fun of imagining.  


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