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A Couple of days ago, I was sharing with you, the reader, how quantum physics fits into your life and how you are perpetually creating the world you live in with your thoughts. I also stated that your unconscious thoughts rule the majority of your thinking, and contribute about 95% of your experiences.  
The biggest question I get when this topic or truth comes up is, what am I thinking about in my unconscious mind? And, If it is unconscious thinking, how do I even know what that is? My response is always the same. You have to meditate on that, in order to understand. 
At this point, I usually get a vacant stare, and a disappointed look will then soon follow. The individual usually says, "I don't like to meditate," or "I don't have time to meditate." Now is the time when I give them back the vacant stare, and I say, "it is your choice if you'd like to meditate or not." This whole experiment of life is totally up to you.  
When I first started this work, I too was a bit disappointed in the answer that I would have to learn how to meditate. I had this idea that I would have to sit in a lotus position and be quiet for hours. But, since I never really tried it, I didn't know what to expect. I thought I knew what meditation was, but I never learned the techniques or processes, so I was just guessing at this point.  

What kept me interested was the profoundness of the idea that most of my thinking was done without my knowledge. How could this be? Also, the way my life was going at that particular time, I thought, how 
could learning the proper techniques to meditating hurt. At this point in my life, I was looking to move forward and not discount or dismiss any ideas or thought on self-improvement or personal growth.
The first thing that struck me about meditation is that I was already doing a form of it unknowingly, throughout my life. I'll give you an example. When I was a little boy and in school, I would often daydream about adventures or fantasies in far off lands. I was in the classroom in my seat, and suddenly, I was transported to a magical land where I was a whole new person and having these amazing experiences. As I got older, I'd be in some boring work meeting, and I would fade off and go to some tropical island or be traveling in a private jet to another country to close a hugely profitable business deal with some amazing company. I would see myself creating friendships with famous people, and they would ask for my counsel on every topic.     
All of this might sound familiar because all of us do it. We just discount it and push it off as being unproductive and just daydreaming. But, as I have come to learn, this is just as important for your well-being as it is to sit cross-legged and meditating for hours. I would soon understand that this was my form of "active" meditation, and I didn't need to learn it. I had always been doing it, and it started when I was a young boy.  
As I got more comfortable with this knowledge and technique, I started to expand on this "daydreaming" idea, and I would start to play around with the idea of laying down and putting on headphones to use a meditation sound video and play with different frequencies to support my unconscious mind. I started with 528hz, a frequency that gives people healing energies. I also use 432hz for positive healing support. These are just a few examples of sound healing meditation music, and you can find many different hertz/frequency sounds that produce many healing effects. I encourage you to experiment with the ones that support your needs the best.  
Another form of meditation is called active meditating. If you love to dance, walk, cook, or even clean your house, these can be used to actively meditate.  
The whole idea is to take time and "be" with yourself and not try to figure everything out. You are now entering a time and space where you leave the thinking mind behind and start to experience nothingness. I don't want you to process anything, no homework, no to-do list, no bills, and no responsibilities. You need to lay down or start to walk, or clean and have the experience of life as it is unfolded in front of you. No thinking!  
I know this all sounds very easy, and guess what it is, but you may have to retrain yourself to be that little kid and relax. For most of us, the idea of relaxing or doing nothing is not productive and is considered lazy. I have news for you, it is anything but that. If your unconscious mind is highly judgemental and anxious, then what do you expect your outside life to look like?
As I shared with you earlier in this article, I felt I had nothing to lose by trying this technique, and I am so happy I tried it. I hope you give yourself the same opportunity.


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