What is Real?

Could someone please define real life for me? When someone tells me you are a quantum reality, what does that mean? And finally, what is the real definition of real?
These are all good questions, and as we close in on the week of Power, I will give you some thoughts and "real" data on what real-life means. 
Let's look at the word real. According to Google, real is defined as actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. Yet I content that your imagination makes everything around you real. You have created this reality for yourself. I know that most of you are saying, what? If I'm the creator of this reality, how come I'm not a millionaire, or how come I don't have the perfect partner, or why does my life feel so empty? If you have been reading my blogs, you'll get the answers to these and other questions. But, I'll give you a bit of break and let you in on a secret. You get to chose if you want to stay in this reality or move to the one you desire more.  
Here's the pitch. You must take accountability for the life you have created thus far. You have to own the things you have created, including your health, job, relationships, and how you feel about yourself.  

Try The Mirror Experiment

Try this little exercise and see if I'm full of beans or not. Look into your bathroom mirror and say this sentence over and over for a full 5 minutes non-stop, "I Love Myself." When you finish this sentence after 5 minutes, let yourself feel. Be with the sensation you are experiencing, and don't judge it. This exercise will provide you with all the information you need to move forward. 
Know, let's talk about the question of quantum reality and how this relates to you and the "I love myself," exercise I just gave you.  
There was an experiment proposed in 1978 by John Wheeler, an American theoretical physicist, and he wanted to measure or prove that an atom only exists if it is being watched or measured. This experiment has been supported and validated in 2015, by lead researcher and physicist at The Australian National University Andrew Truscott stated, "It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it," 
I'd like you to take this information and apply it to how you think and talk about the world around you. Every time you say something or think about something, it will have an immediate effect on you and the world around you. Here is an easy example. If you think something is hard to do or impossible to do, it will be. If you think that you can do something, even if it isn't perfect, you can do it. Apply this to any thought you have and see if it is "real" in your life now. 
On my website, I give specific examples of how I went outside of my preconceived limits and attempted to take on what others might think impossible. I built a house with no carpentry experience. I created a fully functional TV show and website integration before YouTube existed. I built and designed my wife's membership website and online seminar business with no technical or programming education.  
I share these examples with you, not to show you how amazing I am but to show you how amazing you are and could be.  
You have to believe that you are more than enough. You have to trust what you believe is real and go out and have the fortitude to make it happen. You, my friend, have the power!


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