What are Your Limiting Beliefs?

What do I mean by the term limiting beliefs? How is this a thing? Well, I will tell you my definition of limiting beliefs. These are the thoughts and ideas you have about what you can and can't do. It is a thing because what you think about is what you create.I'll give you a personal example. When I was in 6th grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia which is a direct issue with learning to read or understand words and letters. As you can imagine your grade school experience, reading was about 80% of what you do in all of your subjects. And as a result of this learning difference, I was doing poorly in my classes that related to reading and writing.  It took me many years of help from my teachers to learn how to read in a way that would align with my thought process. As I got older I got better at reading, I discovered that I enjoyed reading mystery or detective stories.
Thank God for Robert B. Parker, the author of the Spenser novels. These novels were introduced to me at age 17 by one of my friend's mothers. To this day I thank her and Robert B. Parker for offering me the chance to see what recreational reading was like. I was soon hooked into the series of books and started branching out into other genres while waiting for the next novel.This love for reading started to help me in my school work and showed me that I could indeed be a "good" student. This leads me to Jr. College and then onto the University of Illinois at Chicago where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation, I was able to build a nice career as a sales professional for some of the largest companies in the world.  So, this example is directly related to my experience with limiting beliefs

In High School, I had been told many times by my counselor that I was not a good candidate for College. I was very creative and handy so industrial education would suit me better, so he thought. That was not my belief.  I knew I needed to work on my ability to read better but I didn't let the thoughts of others deter me from my goal of graduating from College.
Had I not dealt with my learning issues and taken the advice of others I would not be in the position I am today. And I certainly wouldn't be able to write my blogs and share my experiences with you.  
As a side note, I also want to share with you that as the work on limiting beliefs continues and the data keeps coming in, there is a thought that each of us is running about 200 - 300 limiting beliefs every single day. Some say that the number is even higher.  My advice is to deal with the limiting beliefs you have and that you are aware of. Be with those thoughts and go deeper into why you have them. This practice will allow you to see that you are much more powerful then you have been lead to believe. You truly have infinite power, you just have to believe you have it and start to use it.  
More to come.


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