Time Slip

Where am I? 

Where were you on July 16, 2008? A woman named Lerina Garcia Gordo was writing on an internet forum asking for help. The following excerpt from her post reads: "Hello, my name is Luz, I am 41 years old, and I think I jumped into a parallel universe. I find it hard to tell people because everyone will think I'm psychotic, and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience, write me an email."

Lerina Garcia Gordo is a woman who has gained international attention for her believed experience of a mysterious phenomenon known as "time slip." According to her account, Lerina experienced a sudden and inexplicable shift in time while driving her car on a familiar road in Spain. Although her story has been widely circulated on the internet and in the media, some still want more debate over the authenticity of her claims and the nature of the phenomenon she describes.

Lerina's story begins in 2008, when she was 41 years old and living in the small town of Denia, Spain. One day, She woke up, and 'small things' in her life had changed. First, she noticed that the sheets on her bed had changed to unfamiliar sheets. She didn't pay this much attention and set off to work.

Clock In

When she got to her office at work, she found out it was no longer there. She looked at all the names on the doors, but her's was not one of them. She thought she must have been on the wrong floor but was not – this was the correct one! 

She was working for this company but in a different department for another supervisor – she has no recollection of switching departments.

70s style 

Likewise, later that day, she was driving her car to a nearby city when she suddenly found herself transported to what she describes as a "different dimension." According to Lerina, the road she was driving on became unfamiliar, and she found herself surrounded by strange and unfamiliar buildings. She also noticed that the landscape around her had changed, and the sky had turned from blue to a particular shade of orange.

Lerina's first reaction to this strange experience was panic, as she felt completely disoriented and unsure of where she was. However, she soon realized that her car was still functioning normally, and she could continue driving. As she went further, she began to notice other strange things, such as the fact that the cars around her were all from a different era and that the people she saw on the street wore clothing from the 1970s.

How can this Be? 

Eventually, Lerina reached her destination, a town she had visited in her own timeline many times. However, when she arrived, she found that the city completely differed from what she remembered. The buildings and streets were different, and she could not find any of the familiar landmarks she had expected to see. Furthermore, when she tried to ask people for directions, they spoke in a language she did not understand.

Lerina's experience continued for several hours, during which time she felt completely disconnected from her reality. However, she eventually found herself back on the familiar road she had started on, and everything around her was back to normal. She arrived home safely, but the experience left her shaken and confused.

Since Lerina first shared her story, it has become a popular topic of discussion among paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Some people believe that she genuinely experienced a time slip or some other kind of supernatural phenomenon. In contrast, others are more skeptical and believe her story may have been embellished or even fabricated.

As a result, several different theories exist to explain Lerina's experience. One possibility is that she experienced a form of temporal lobe epilepsy, which can cause hallucinations and altered states of consciousness. Another option is that she experienced a dissociative episode, during which her sense of self became temporarily disconnected from her surroundings.

I feel it, too

However, Lerina has consistently maintained that her experience was genuine and that she has no history of any medical or psychiatric conditions that could explain it. Furthermore, several researchers and investigators have attempted to study her experience more closely but have yet to explain Lerina's incident.

Despite the debate surrounding Lerina's story, it is clear that her experience has resonated with many people worldwide who have also reported similar incidents of time slips and other strange phenomena. Whether her story is ultimately proven to be true or not, it has certainly sparked a great deal of interest and debate, and it may continue to do so for many years to come.

Are you Ready? 

So, I have shared many examples of parallel universes with you these last months; however, it is time you applied science and metaphysics to your life. Have you ever had an experience where you knew a place well and arrived to find it different or unfamiliar? How about setting down an object and returning to retrieve it several hours later, but it is not there? My last simple example is when you are in a situation and know you've experienced this event in the past (Déjà Vu). 

In summary, do we really understand the reality in which we live? I share both the scientific and personal experiences with you to illustrate that we are only scratching the surface of our conscious understanding. So, when someone asks you what year it is, or I think I know you from somewhere, try not to be skeptical. You never know; it could be a long-lost friend from another dimension.  


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