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Over the years, I have written about close encounters with UFOs and shared government cover-ups or misdirection details. Today, I will discuss both through the words of one of the government's own.

John Callahan was a Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington, DC, during the 1980s. He is known for his involvement in a well-known UFO incident that occurred in 1986.

In November 1986, a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight, JAL 1628, reported a UFO encounter while flying over Alaska. The incident involved a UFO that allegedly tracked the JAL aircraft for a half hour. John Callahan was the lead in the investigation of this incident.


Last week, I wrote about a UFO conference that got my attention. As a result, I wanted to give you more details about one of the men who stood out to me. John Callahan spoke about the incident at Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure press conference in 2001, 

where he shared details about the JAL 1628 incident. He presented radar data and audio recordings from the incident, which he claimed were evidence of the UFO encounter. He stated that the incident was not only verified by the FAA but also by the U.S. military, suggesting that the government had taken the incident seriously. But there is much more. 

What's Up? 

Mr. Callahan was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington, DC, for six years. He publicly stated that in 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight, a UFO followed for 31 minutes over the Alaskan skies. Consequently, the UFO also trailed a United Airlines flight until the flight landed. Moreover, there was visual confirmation as well as air-based and ground-based radar confirmation.

This event was significant enough for the then FAA Administrator, Admiral Engen, to hold a briefing the next day, which the FBI, CIA, President Reagan's Scientific Study Team, and others attended. Videotape radar evidence, air traffic voice communications, and paper reports were compiled and presented. After this meeting, the attending CIA members instructed everyone present that "the meeting never took place" and that "this incident was not recorded." However, the CIA did not realize that there was additional evidence. The CIA only took the evidence presented in the room. They did not ask for any other material, not in the room at the time. Meanwhile, Mr. Callahan had sole possession of additional videotape and audio evidence of the event.

Callahan understood how the government operated and that the public should know the truth. As a result, he made sure he had visual proof. The following is a description of the 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight.

Follow the Path

Are You Tracking? 

John reminds us that all 747s have radar in the nose that picks up the weather outside the plane. Consequently, the pilot picked up a target. He saw the target on the screen and also with his eyes and described it as a massive ball with lights running around the plane. In addition, the pilot also said it was four times as big as the 747 he was flying!

Furthermore, the pilot said the UFO bounced around the 747 from top to bottom. The military radar operator would also cut in and tell the UFO is now at 2:00 or 3:00, and he would confirm the position. Moreover, the military controller has what they call height-finding radar, and they have long-range and short-range radar. So, if they don't catch it on one of their systems, they see it on the other. And if you listen to the military controller, he said, I have it on the height radar, which indicated that they had a target on his system.

The following day, John got a call from someone with the Scientific Study Group [for President Reagan], and they had some questions about the incident. A few minutes later, the Admiral calls and tells John he has to set up a briefing the following day at 9:00 a.m. in the round room. He was instructed to bring all the information he could. The Admiral also told John to bring everybody up there and give them whatever they wanted. He wanted to get out of any responsibility related to the UFO sighting.

The next day, John brought all the people from the Tech Center. He had all kinds of boxes of data printed out; it filled up the room. They brought in three people from the FBI, three from the CIA, and three from Reagan's Scientific Study team — "I don't know who the rest were, but they were all excited."

You Know Nothing! 

As the meeting was coming to a close, the CIA restated that they were never there, and this meeting never happened. John pointed out that there was something there, and if it's not the stealth bomber, then it's a UFO. And if it's a UFO, why wouldn't you want the people to know? The CIA got excited over that. He was told that you don't even want to say those words. John said this was the first time they ever had 30 minutes of radar data on a UFO. And they are all itching to get their hands on the data and find out what these crafts are and what really goes on.

Furthermore, the CIA spokesperson says if they came out and told the American public that they ran into a UFO, it would cause panic nationwide. So, the protocol is that you can't talk about it. And the CIA, FBI, and Reagan's Scientific Study Team take all the data and leave.

Meanwhile, the FAA needed to issue reports on the incident, and in trying to protect themselves, they made John change his statement to say "position symbols" instead of targets, making it sound like it wasn't a target. That is to say, if it's not a target, then many of the other position symbols the FAA is separating [on radar] aren't targets either. At this point, John knew something fishy was happening here, that somebody was worried, and they were trying to create a cover-up.

The protocol is to create a report of the incident and publish a news release. However, when the CIA told the FAA that this event never happened and the meeting never took place, John knew the public would never know what was happening.

A few More

John said you never saw a government official make a statement about a UFO. Most importantly, the news and TV shows always show a person who is lower on the social and economic scale. As a result, people tended to dismiss the information altogether. However, John felt compelled to share his specific UFO chase involving a Japanese 747 for over half an hour with radar documentation. Further, he states that it was faster than anything he had ever encountered in his professional career in aviation.

Why did John feel he could share this information? Well, he'd been involved in many cover-ups with the FAA. And when he gave the presentation to the Reagan staff, he was directly behind the government officials. Meanwhile, when the CIA spoke to the people in the room, they had all those people swear that this never happened. But they never had John swear it never happened. Moreover, John didn't like how the media would put down UFO witnesses and make them look silly or untrustworthy.

Furthermore, John is still bothered that even though he's seen UFOs, knows they exist, and has the answers, nobody wants to ask the question to get the solution. He doesn't believe our government should act this way. He states that when we have official incidents like this, you can learn more about what's happening [by not covering it up]. "If they [the UFOs] can travel that far, that distance with that type of machinery, who knows what they could do here for the nation's health, the people, and the insights we could learn from them."


Finally, John says for those people who say that if these UFOs existed, they would someday be on radar and that there'd be professionals who would see them, then I can tell them that back in 1986, there were enough professional people that saw it. The information was given to headquarters, FAA headquarters, Washington D.C. The Administrator saw the tape of it. The government agencies were debriefed; they've all seen. Reagan's Scientific Study team, three of those professors, doctors, they've seen it. As far as John was concerned, they were the ones that verified his thoughts about it. They were very, very excited about the data. The agencies admitted that this was the only time a UFO had ever been recorded on radar for any length of time.

John shared what he'd seen with his own eyes. He has the videotape, the voice recordings, and the reports that were filed that will confirm all of it. And he is the high Government official in the FAA to authenticate the event. Yet, we had to hear his statement during a Press Club event presented by a medical doctor in 2001. 

Have you Had...

To be clear, this is one man having an experience that I find fascinating. He risked his career and social standing to share this "classified" information with all of us. Most importantly, he witnessed it in real time and documented it. Do we need more proof? As people and events unfold, I will share it with you, and you can decide.


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