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Navigating daily life in the U.S. can be challenging. It doesn't matter if you are single, married, or have a family to support; the work always seems to continue. Consequently, we sometimes miss the magic of this world we live in. Today, I would like to tell you about a people who have been telling a story of their creation for over 1,700 years. Interestingly, they come from a star system that can't be seen or tracked by the naked eye.

The Dogon people live amidst the imposing cliffs of the
Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali, West Africa. Their rich cultural is woven with intricate myths and rituals, has captivated anthropologists and astronomers alike. As a result, a central thread in this tapestry is their profound connection to the Sirius star system, particularly Sirius B, a celestial body invisible to the naked eye. Most importantly, Sirus B wasn't discovered until 1862 by Alvan Graham Clark, an American telescope maker and astronomer.

This knowledge, coupled with their creation myths involving amphibious beings, has fueled theories linking them to ancient Egyptian beliefs about Sirius and the goddess Isis. 

However, deciphering this connection requires delving into the Dogon people's history, traditions, and cultural context.



The Dogon's origins remain shrouded in some mystery. That is to say, archaeological evidence suggests their presence in the Bandiagara region as early as the 3rd century AD (201 AD to 300 AD). However, oral traditions point to a much earlier migration.

Driven by factors such as environmental pressures or socio-political upheavals, they likely arrived in waves, seeking refuge in the natural fortress provided by the cliffs.

Spirit in the Machine 

The Dogon social structure is complex, with a caste system defining roles and responsibilities. In addition, the Hogon, the spiritual leader, holds immense authority and acts as the bridge between the earthly realm and the spirit world. Likewise, their intricate knowledge of rituals and traditions passed down through generations forms the cornerstone of Dogon belief systems.

Meanwhile, the most intriguing aspect of Dogon culture is their profound connection to the cosmos, particularly the Sirius star system. Their creation myths speak of a central god, Amma, who created the universe from a spinning egg. From Sirius, amphibious beings called the Nommo descended, bringing forth humanity and granting them knowledge of agriculture, astronomy, and social structures. These narratives are often accompanied by elaborate masks and sculptures depicting the Nommo, with their serpentine lower bodies symbolizing their connection to the life-giving waters.

Above all, the truly remarkable aspect of this belief system lies in the Dogon's knowledge of Sirius. They describe it as a binary system (two suns), with Sirius B being a heavy, invisible companion star. This detail, unknown to Western science until the 19th century, has sparked a firestorm of debate. Skeptics contend that the Dogon gained their knowledge of Sirius by meticulously observing its cyclical appearances. Nevertheless, the Dogon speaks of details like the white dwarf nature of Sirius B and its orbital period, which would have been impossible to discern without advanced astronomical tools.

Born of Water 

This discrepancy has fueled theories of an ancient, lost civilization possessing advanced astronomical knowledge that they somehow passed on to the Dogon. Alternatively, proponents of extraterrestrial contact suggest that the Nommo represent alien visitors who imparted this knowledge to the Dogon ancestors.

The connection to Egypt arises from the shared reverence for Sirius. The Egyptians called it the "Dog Star" and associated it with Isis, the goddess of fertility, rebirth, and the Nile River. Sirius's heliacal rising, its reappearance in the eastern sky after a period of invisibility, coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile, a life-giving event for Egyptian agriculture. Moreover, Isis embodied the Nile River and the cycle of death and rebirth.

On the other hand, there are significant divergences between the two belief systems. The Dogon's Nommo are amphibious creators, while Isis is a human goddess. Secondly, the Dogon creation myth emphasizes Sirius as the source of humanity, while in Egyptian mythology, Sirius is associated with the cyclical nature of life and the divine order. As a result, these differences suggest that the connections may be more symbolic than literal.

What do you know? 

Consequently, modern anthropologists state that the prevailing interpretations of the Dogon-Sirius connection can be broadly categorized into three perspectives. The first, the "ancient wisdom" theory, suggests that the Dogon possess knowledge passed down from a forgotten civilization with advanced astronomical understanding. In other words, this theory lacks quantifiable evidence and relies on trusting the culture in its version of truth.

The second, the "extraterrestrial contact" theory, proposes that the Nommo represent alien visitors who imparted knowledge upon the Dogon. Like many other cultures worldwide, skeptics will point to the lack of physical evidence or corroborating myths from other cultures.

The third interpretation, the "symbolic" perspective, suggests that the Dogon narratives and rituals symbolize their understanding of the cosmos and their place within it. Likewise, with its cyclical nature and brilliance, Sirius could represent creation, while the Nommo, with their amphibious form, symbolize the vital role of water in Dogon life. The Dogon calendar, which aligns with Sirius's cycles, further reinforces this connection to the natural world.

Don't Speak 

In summation, the mystery surrounding the Dogon and Sirius B continues to enthrall researchers across disciplines. Astronomers ponder the possibility of pre-colonial knowledge transmission or forgotten astronomical techniques. Anthropologists delve deeper into the symbolic meaning behind the Nommo and their connection to the natural world. The Dogon themselves, residing amidst the majestic cliffs, continue to weave their celestial tapestry through rituals and storytelling. Their enduring connection to Sirius is a testament to humanity's innate fascination with the cosmos and our place within its vast expanse.

The truth lies somewhere in between fact and fiction. I have shared countless stories of the CIA using ESP and Astroprojection to locate people and the identification of rings around Jupiter well before Voyager I passed by it in 1979 to confirm. We are constantly receiving evidence that this world is much more than we have been led to believe. It is up to you on how you consume information moving forward. 


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