What Should I Expect from My Session with You? 

Included in your paid session, you will receive the following: 

What to Expect

  • You will receive a dedicated 45-minute session with me.
  • I will help guide you in understanding what is blocking you from living the life you desire.
  • We will identify areas of interest to you and your growth.
  • I will share my focused insight and experience with you so that you can make informed choices. 
  • If you choose to meet with me again, we will discuss how you applied what we talked about and how it impacted you.
  • Free and specific content will always be available for your review and use on my site.
  • If you choose, you can opt-in for my weekly emails and posts.
  • When available, I will also offer videos, music, and reading materials. 

What is not Offered:

  • This is not a life coach call or program.
  • I do not use measurable goals.
  • There are no worksheets or modules with my approach.
  • Homework is up to you. I give you actions that may help you in your journey.
  • If you choose to do the work, you'll manifest your results.
  • There is no timeline for this work.  You can get this information in one call or several.  
  • This is not a quick fix approach, so time and participation are key to your growth.
  • There is no follow up after the session is over unless you schedule and pay for an additional visit.  


I developed Blue Sky to help those that are curious reach their best and highest potential. My focus is to help people identify who they are first and then focus on what their purpose might be. I do not offer a course in Miracles or a religious endeavor, but those approaches are not discouraged.
I believe everyone has a different way of taking in information, and I want to make that as individualized as I can. Therefore I do not subscribe to an academic approach to teaching. There are no books, homework, or actionable items developed for you. You will receive a one to one conversation about you and for you. 

Schedule Here

Schedule Here


Private Consultation

  • Private one on one conversation with Christopher
  • Dedicated 45 minute session
  • The opportunity to see what is possible 
  • Weekly Emails and Posts

$ 150.00/session

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