Monday Mornings Can be Fun!

It is early Monday morning as I write this blog, and I am very happy. I'm sitting in my favorite chair in our three-season porch, and it is a cloudy day and a crisp 52 degrees outside. I have my coffee and a throw blanket to keep me warm. My energy and enthusiasm are high, as I sit here and think about what I'd like to share with my readers.  
It was not always like this for me in the past. As many of you know by reading my blogs, I was not a good "factory school" student. It was a struggle for me to read and write, and I was constantly being reminded that I wasn't meeting the expectations of my grade level. This made waking up for school on Monday's difficult. Trow in daylight savings and rain, and it was darn near impossible. Sunday nights were the worst because I would soon have to close my eyes and wake up for school and deal with the same disappointment as the weeks before.  
Football, and more specifically, the Chicago Bears made Sunday's fun and less painful. I would look forward to the games and live and die with each victory or loss. But, it kept me going through grade school, high school, and college.  
As I continued in life, my college degree allowed me to enter into the corporate world. I remembered thinking after the first couple of months of work at my first corporate job, is this it? I get two weeks of vacation and a handful of national holidays to enjoy myself, and that's it.  
Sunday's again became my favorite and worst day. Friday night was party night, and Saturday was date night. Sunday's were for recovery from the two nights before and all-day Football. I'd watch the pre-game analysis and then go straight to the noon game, on to the late game, and then to the night game. Then, after all the games were over, I watch the local and national news on the Bears and other teams. I would finally go to bed around midnight and face the work week ahead. 
I know, pretty crazy, huh? I did a lot of avoiding and self-soothing just to hang in there and earn a living. I felt like I was a zombie walking through my life. I don't have a judgment on those days, but I do consider how I spent my time and why I did what I did. What's the proverb, Hindsight is 20/20.  
Why are Mondays so stressful? Over the past 20 years, I'd start to ask myself this question a lot. I would soon realize that Mondays aren't depressing, but in fact, I'm the one who was creating the feeling of inadequacy. The idea that if I made enough money and enjoyed enough success, my life would be complete was a bit misinformed. Meaning and purpose should have been my goals, and the rest, as they say, would take care of itself.  
When I started doing quantum physics work, I began to see more improvement in my overall health and attitude. I was realizing that I indeed am the creator of my life, and here is the key, I believed it, and things started to change.  
The more fun I was having with my job, the better I would do. The more enjoyment I had with my family, the more love I would feel. It is really that easy. Consider being what it is that you want, in order to receive what you desire.  
The new momentum that I picked up during these past several years has catapulted me to a new way of thinking and being. I no longer fear Monday mornings. I don't pay attention to the days of the week the way I once did. I look at every day as an opportunity to learn and serve at my highest ability. No more and no less.  
Like I said at the beginning of this blog, it is 52 degrees, cloudy, and I can hear the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world outside on this fine Monday, and I'm doing great. My fondest hope is you are too. 
Oh, and the Chicago Bears are 3 - 0.  


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