Letting Go

I have had a lot of time these past few months to be with the fact that everything is changing. This is not a bad thing. Change, as we all know, is constant. Without change, there is no growth.
So, what do I want to let go of? Well for starters I will let go of the fear of failing. I am more focused on what I want and how I want to achieve it. I will no longer focus on the thoughts of others (good or bad) and move more toward my alignment. How do you align yourself you may ask. Well, first you will feel it. How do you know when it's working? When it "feels" good to you. No more judgment, no more fear of what others might think, and no more feeling of inadequacy.
How far do you think you can go now? If you are not afraid of failing or looking silly just imagine the fun you are about to experience. Why, because you are doing this for yourself and no one else.
This is all for you.


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