What do you mean 99.9% of everything is Energy?

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99.9% of your reality - your body, animals, plants, the chair you’re sitting in - is Energy. That leaves .1% as matter. We as humans have been conditioned to attend to the particle or the matter of life.
This is not bad or wrong. It is a circumstantial focus. It is an effort to manage circumstances that are outside of you.
I flip the focus and investigates the 99.9%. There is so much more to consider. You are more Powerful than you have been led to believe.
A New Earth has emerged. There is nothing to learn. It is time to receive. 
It is time to become the Frequency Receiver.
Blue Sky is dedicated to those that want to expand consciousness energetically and create a new paradigm for living.
You came here to have fun and create. I'd like to help you do that.


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