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Rocket Man 

Imagine being an eleven-year-old boy and engineering prodigy and building a prototype rocket as an exercise in scientific validation. Now consider that the experience drives you to pioneer a new type of engine that uses neither liquid nor solid jet fuel – instead an electromagnetic fusion. You'd think that this type of invention would lead to the world's next free energy propulsion system. However, it does not. The technology is so bleeding edge (and disruptive) that it gains the government's attention. That is to say, the attention of the top brass, Area 51-clearance-level agents.

Who was this boy, and how can this story even be true? The boy's name is David Adir. Furthermore, I have written about different propulsion and alien technologies in several of my blogs, so this news is not new. But David is another type of guy altogether. Here is his story:

Right away, people noticed that David was a child prodigy. When he was just a boy, a local librarian saw he was correcting the flawed data in astrophysics texts. She was amazed and ordered him hundreds more.

17, and life to Go! 

David Adair_17 years old

Adair became enamored with space travel, designing rocket propulsion systems with cryogenic (frozen) fluids. Moreover, this led to his creation of a new type of system that had never been used before, the electromagnetic fusion containment engine.  This kid was smart...

With this engine, David says, his rocket could propel from zero to 8,654 mph in just over four seconds.

What Do You Think? 

The U.S. Air Force requested that he be brought to White Sands Missile Testing Facility in southern New Mexico.  They wanted to test his rocket in order to prove his design. David looked at the specific coordinates he was given and noticed that it was the location of Grooms Lake, which happened to be at an undisclosed military base, now known as Area 51. Adair's launch went off without a hitch.  The rocket landed at the Nevada test site with parachutes deployed and ready to be reused and launched immediately.  

Shortly after the test, Adir had met with several black-suited government agents in a hanger and shown to an underground facility. The agents showed him a rocket engine that was similar looking to his. However, the rocket behaved unlike anything he had ever seen and appeared to be damaged. He said he wondered why the Air Force was asking him to repair an engine they had designed, which was far superior to his own.

Subsequently, he noticed that the engine was of an alien origin and claimed it was a living organism.  Based on his inspection, he concluded that it could be controlled telepathically. Moreover, as he placed his hand on the large engine, the temperature would mimic his hand's warmth. As Adair started asking more in-depth questions, it became apparent that the agents knew he was not as naïve as they assumed.
David Adair NASA

Conscious Engineering 

David was a student of the race to outer space in the mid to late 60s, so he was familiar with the ex-nazi rocket scientist that came over in Operation Paperclip. Most importantly, he was aware that one of the agents he met at Area 51 was the infamous former Nazi rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph.  Furthermore, he said that the government wanted to use his rocket to implement a first strike Cold War.  

David wanted to advance humanity's space exploration capabilities, not use his technology for mass destruction. Adair says he collected graphite grease to cause a chemical reaction with deuterium, an isotope necessary for fusion reactions in the rocket's inner workings. His tactic worked and set off an explosion. Adair said Rudolph was very upset with him but couldn't do much because he had very little authority due to his Nazi history. Subsequently, the U.S. Airforce quickly returned David home.

In addition to the visit with the Air Force at Grooms Lake, United States Navy was recruiting David to join their military branch. They succeeded, and his tour lasted from 1972 to 1982. He faced many engineering challenges and accomplishments, and awards for serving with distinctions. During this time, David became a pilot, diver, and certified jet engine technician.

German/Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and his colleagues outside their research facility at Fort Bliss, Texas, USA after leaving Germany for America under the terms of Operation PAPERCLIP at the end of the Second World War.

German/Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and his colleagues outside their research facility at Fort Bliss, Texas, USA after leaving Germany for America under the terms of Operation PAPERCLIP at the end of the Second World War.

You Can't Erase Me

David formed his own research company, Intersect, Inc, following his time with the Navy. For the next three decades, David worked in his laboratory and is a professional speaker on Space Technology Transfer, where his work continues to the present.  Here is an interesting video he did on life in space.

Finally, today I would like to leave you with these thoughts. Currently, there are only two types of rocket engines used today by space agencies worldwide: liquid fuel and solid propellant. How is it that no one has developed a more advanced propulsion system than the 1930s rocket technology? Second, you can not find a Wikipedia page on David Adair, nor can you find evidence of his former company, Intersect. Strangely, this information seems to have been wiped from the internet.    

More to Come 

But fear not, David gave an interview where he said he had uploaded his electromagnetic engine design to a server that will release the plans the day he dies. Asked why he doesn't do this now, he replies, I don't want the abuse that will come with it. Adair further states that you can build the engine with basic hardware parts.  

New You, New World 

The end of control and secrets is near. All we have to do is know this is coming.


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