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As a young man in the 70s and 80s, I always heard about a woman's intuition. My mother had great instincts and always knew when I needed a little extra love and support. I always thought that was cool, but was this power just for women? As I got older, I started to hear a voice inside me that would give me specific instructions, like See this person, or turn down this street. Whenever I listened to the voice, something remarkable happened. In other words, the voice I hear is my intuition or extrasensory perception (ESP).

Interestingly, our world thinks ESP is either not real or a joke. Comedians use it as a punch line, and officials don't use the data furnished to them. Consequently, our society fails to gain the value and insight available to us at any time. Why? Because you can't really measure it or, more importantly, trust your inside voice. Consequently, we train our children to believe others (teachers, clergy, elected officials, and medical professionals) above ourselves.

Following the Vietnam War in the early 70s, the United States government recognized the need to unlock the full potential of the human mind. The Soviets and Chinese benefited from ESP and psychokinesis training in their militaries.

Body and Mind

 As a result, our government focused on Advanced Mind Fitness Training and created a groundbreaking program. The key was to enhance individuals' cognitive abilities and unleash the human brain's true power.

Known as the Ultimate Warrior Training Program, or the Jedi Warrior Program, this initiative aimed to create an elite force of individuals with extraordinary mental acuity and unwavering focus. The unit consisted of brilliant and determined soldiers who yearned to push the boundaries of their minds. 

Be Mindful

The team found themselves in a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed for advanced mind training. Here, the recruits, carefully selected from various military branches, would embark on an intense journey of self-discovery and mental fortitude. They would become the Special Forces of the Mind.

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey are leaders and early pioneers in the global "mindfulness revolution," the "contemplative science," and the "collective wisdom" movements. As the architects behind the program, they addressed the recruits with conviction. "You are the chosen few, the future of mental warfare. Through advanced mind fitness training, we will unlock the hidden powers of your mind, enabling you to surpass the limits of ordinary human cognition."

The recruits practiced a multidimensional training regime that combined cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient contemplative practices. The program emphasized the importance of cognitive conditioning, mental resilience, and mindfulness techniques to enhance focus, memory, and decision-making under pressure.

Concentration 53

Under the guidance of expert trainers, the recruits engaged in rigorous mental exercises and simulations designed to challenge their cognitive abilities. They delved into the study of neuroplasticity, learning to rewire their neural pathways for enhanced cognitive performance. They practiced meditation and mindfulness, cultivating a state of heightened awareness and clarity.

Therefore, as the recruits progressed through the program, they discovered the remarkable capabilities of their minds. Furthermore, They were introduced to brain-computer interfaces that allowed them to control external devices through sheer concentration. They developed the skill of accelerated learning, assimilating vast amounts of information with ease. The recruits' cognitive speed, problem-solving abilities, and mental endurance were pushed to their limits, enabling them to process information and make critical decisions at an unparalleled pace.

The Jedi Warrior Program recognized that the mind and body were inextricably linked, and physical fitness was essential for optimal mental performance. Most importantly, the recruits underwent rigorous physical training to ensure their bodies could keep up with their newfound cognitive capabilities.

That is to say, focus on endurance, strength, and flexibility training in connection with martial arts techniques emphasized agility and coordination. These physical disciplines were seamlessly integrated with the mental exercise, enabling the recruits to achieve a state of harmony between mind and body.

Do you have What it Takes? 

Subsequently, to test their mettle, the recruits faced a series of mind-based challenges designed to push their cognitive limits to the extreme. They engaged in complex problem-solving exercises, deciphering codes and analyzing intricate patterns. They navigated complicated virtual environments, making split-second decisions with life-or-death consequences.

One particularly demanding trial involved a simulated hostage situation, where the recruits had to employ their heightened cognitive abilities to analyze the situation, gather intelligence, and strategize the most effective course of action. The Jedi Warriors demonstrated unparalleled mental resilience, adaptability, and precision.

Meanwhile, The Jedi learned skills for high-performance sleep, deep relaxation, energy healing, and how to find an inner state of calm intensity in which they could focus their minds for self-healing or to maintain conditions of clear alertness for long periods. In addition, they trained intensively in the martial art of Aikido. This martial art form emphasizes cultivating a greater sensitivity to energy flow and force while creatively transforming the energy of inner and outer conflict.

Why not? 

As the recruits emerged from the crucible of the Jedi Warrior Program, they became the Guardians of Mental Peace, charged with protecting the world from threats that the previous generation of soldiers was ill-prepared for.

So, now you have some insight into a U.S.-funded training program that promotes ESP and psychokinesis to remote view or move objects with one's mind. Specific examples include locating hostages in Iran and pointing CIA agents to the shortwave radio concealed in the pocket calculator of a suspected KGB agent captured in South Africa. But why aren't civilians trained in these skills during high school or college?

It's not over, Until it's over

Officially, the military declared the project a failure, arguing that "it remains unclear whether the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, remote viewing, has been demonstrated." Though the analysts acknowledged that some trials had been successful and that "something beyond odd statistical hiccups is taking place," they concluded that any information remote viewing had provided had been too "vague and ambiguous" and did not produce "actionable intelligence."

However, In 2014, the Office of Naval Research launched a four-year program (costing some $3.85 million) to explore the use of premonition or intuition—popularly known as a "sixth sense" among sailors and Marines. 

You've always had the Power! 

In any event, you can access your extrasensory perception any time you want. However, here is the tricky part, you have to trust your inner voice. Do you hear that? Yes, your voice tells you this is true, and your brain is saying, "Bull Shit"! Is it? Only you can say.


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