March 1, 2024

Energy, Meditation, Power

A secret HandshakeIn today’s post, I want to share a term I had never heard of before I started looking into zero-point energy and UFO-related information. What I’m about to share with you concerns an uncomfortable link to WWII and the Nazi regime. Most importantly, I focus on a specific area of this group and

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February 23, 2024

Letting Go, Time Travel, UFO

Ur, what?  Are you aware of a group of beings that inhabited Earth well before the reign of Gudea (c. 2144–2124 BC) and the Third Dynasty of Ur? They were known as the Anunnaki, the most powerful and important deities in the Sumerian pantheon: The descendants of the sky God An. If you are unfamiliar

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February 16, 2024

Creativity, New Thoughts, Step by Step

Step Up Today, I have an extraordinary story for you. The fun part is that faith in this information is optional. So, you can sit back and read this blog knowing that all the information below is well documented, and you can go and visit this example of a miracle any time you visit Sante Fe.

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February 9, 2024

Dreamer, Energy, Perseverance, Remembering

Staircase to HeavenThe name “Jacob’s Ladder” evokes different images depending on context. It might summon the biblical vision of angels ascending and descending a celestial staircase, the mesmerizing descent of wooden blocks in a classic children’s toy, or even the electrifying spectacle of a high-voltage arc demonstration. While seemingly disparate, these diverse expressions of “Jacob’s

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February 2, 2024

Frequency, History, Peace

The Shadow Knows Are you ready for winter to end? It has only been five weeks since Christmas, and I’m already anticipating the beauty and warmth of spring. Overcast and gray days are not my speed, but I appreciate the idea that rest and a slower pace are the remedies for rebirth. So, I will patiently

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