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I have written about The Disclosure Project and Dr. Steven Greer over the past several years. As a result, I have given specific data that, when looked at purely from a perspective of observation, shows there is a U.S.-based space program outside of NASA. Furthermore, the information reveals that beings from other planets have visited us. 

It is time to look at additional information regarding the U.S. companies and the compartmentalized government agencies involved. Subsequently, I have found direct testimony from a former U.S. Army Sergeant and Defence Intelligence Agent (D.I.A.) who retired from the Agency in 1980. 

"Of corporations involved in this matter, Atlantic Research Corporation is one of the big ones. So it's rarely heard about. It's an insider low-profile "beltway bandit," if you want to call it that. 

The Inside guy

They mostly have all of their work done within Intelligence. T.R.W., Johnson Controls, Honeywell: All of them, at some point or another, became involved with the Intelligence field. The Pentagon awards specific works and activities contracts to these large corporations."

Atlantic Research was one of them way back. These are entities that were created out of people in the Pentagon to become beltway bandits who received projects, grants, and monies to do certain assignments that were so highly classified and compartmentalized that you know only about four people would know what was going on. So it was that tightly controlled."
—Mr. John Maynard, D.I.A. Official

The big Four

I am providing a quick breakdown of each U.S. industrial complex company John identified.

Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) was founded in 1949 by Dr. Alexander A. Krents. It was an American aerospace and defense company that developed various technologies and systems related to propulsion, defense, and aerospace applications. Total reported revenue for 2022 was $350 million.

TRW Inc. (Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc.) was founded in 1953 by engineers and businessmen, including Simon Ramo, Dean Wooldridge, and Charles "Tex" Thornton. TRW became a prominent American corporation in various areas, including aerospace, automotive, and technology. In 2002, Northrop Grumman acquired TRW. Total revenue for 2022 was $36.6 billion.

Johnson Controls was founded in 1885 by Warren S. Johnson. The company has a history of providing innovative solutions in various fields, including building technologies, energy management, and automotive systems. Total revenue for 2022 was $25.299 billion.

Honeywell International Inc. was founded in 1906 by Mark C. Honeywell, an American inventor and businessman. The company has a long history of innovation and works in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, building technologies, and performance materials. Total revenue in 2022 was $35.466 billion.

Circle this! 

The D.I.A. was established under President John Kennedy in 1961 to coordinate all US military intelligence services, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Therefore, the D.I.A. is in the heart of raw military intelligence before that same intelligence becomes sanitized and then released, if at all.

John Maynard was the manager of the D.I.A.'s classified records ("Portions of newspapers were classified. Even though they are already in the public domain, they became part of a classified document. They don't want anyone to know that the military investigates this [extraterrestrial intelligence]. There is nothing unclear [in those files] on U.F.O.s").

Consequently, John Maynard is a man who knows where the D.I.A.'s bodies are buried, so to write. "I worked with National Security people for twenty years, and I still talk to them," Maynard said. The obvious question, then, is why would the D.I.A. allow a Sergeant – relatively low on the military pecking order – into such a sensitive position?

John states, "This kind of work [intelligence] is not about rank, but politics. As an N.C.O. [Non-Commissioned Officer], I had access to more information than a certain one-star General. Top Secret lines compartmentalize the system. Rank doesn't come into this. There are concentric circles of secrets based on need-to-know clearance. So, the outward circles feed [their unevaluated intelligence] into the center, but the center selectively passes out information. This is clearly defined."

My Favorite Guy

For example, in 1977, then-President Jimmy Carter pledged in his election campaign to disclose all Unidentified Flying Object material: "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists."

Once elected, President Carter attempted to fulfill his promise to the public. Still, he encountered a categorical refusal to access files confirming the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, notably from the Director of Central Intelligence, George Bush (the U.S. President 12 years later). Bill Clinton also faced obstacles when he boldly suggested that the public had a right to this knowledge.

So, now you understand how the compartmentalized system works. John's knowledge of the interworkings helps show us just how difficult it is to gain insight into all the work the U.S. industrial complex is doing. Similarly, the Disclosure Project's legal council, Daniel Sheehan, was refused access to the Vatican's extraterrestrial intelligence files, which begs the rhetorical question, if we are alone in the universe, what is there to hide? "Yes, the Government is very good at playing double jeopardy…" says Maynard.

Meet the Warden 

Maynard's work at the D.I.A. involved the acronymic project D.O.C.L., the Direct Orbital Code Link (sometimes called Docile). To be clear, these are approximately $5 billion satellites designed to communicate with classified US Air Force vehicles and monitor deep space. 

"I held the budget that flew those birds," said Maynard. When asked why would a communication project be interested in supposedly "empty" space, Maynard replied, "Didn't you just answer your own question? We are talking to those coming in and going out." So, one facet of the D.I.A. - D.O.C.L. - is the monitoring of extraterrestrial traffic. For example, see my blog on Project Solar Warden.

Navy Solar Warden Spacecraft Carriers - Designed by William Mills Tompkins for Douglas Aircraft - 1954

In addition, another satellite project that Maynard worked on was the Keyhole satellites during the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (S.A.L.T.) talks of the 1970s. "These Keyhole satellites were photographing the Earth. Consequently, these pictures had anomalous objects showing up. We knew exactly what they were. It was no mystery to me what we were looking at. It was an open secret within the department. Likewise, the Russians knew, too. They were not one of ours and not one of theirs either."

One of the Disclosure Project's witnesses has also corroborated this version of events, that there is routine vetting and 'airbrushing' if necessary, of all US Government satellite imagery. I wrote about Donna Hare and her experience as a contractor doing this work a few months ago. 

Donna Hare

Read all About It! 

Meanwhile, all dialogue regarding the US power structure and its relationship with extraterrestrial intelligence will inevitably lead to the Majestic group, also known as M.J.-12. Please read my blog as a primer for its creation. Spoiler alert: Truman regretted his decision to create this group almost immediately. And I quote, "Beware the military-industrial complex."

Maynard explains: "With Roswell [the infamous crash of a UFO in New Mexico in July 1947], they got caught with their pants down. They didn't anticipate a crash. It almost literally brought the Government down if Truman didn't intervene. Moreover, this was a direct intervention into a military situation. He [Truman] was so mad [that the crash occurred] that it almost became public knowledge.

Furthermore, Truman was so incensed that Roswell set the scenario for all future handling [of the issue]. By the time the following incident occurred in the 1950s, the news media was set. It was pure P.R.," Maynard continued, "War correspondents became media correspondents very receptive to National Security. As a result, the boundaries [of what the free press were allowed to report] were firmly set by the late 1950s – they developed their own rules that followed the National Security agenda."

So, When will these two polarised positions merge regarding extraterrestrial intelligence issues? "They [the control group] will wait until sufficient public knowledge is out there," says Maynard. "The Disclosure Project will build a momentum that will snowball, leading to a critical mass of inevitability." 

It happens in Three's 

Final disclosure, though, comes with three prerequisites: "One – that the panic of the population will be minimized; Two – that control, both physical and intellectual, is maintained by the existing power structure; and Three – that there will be no retribution towards those that have kept the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence a secret.

"We are already in the end game of denial, which is also the first step of initial disclosure."

In conclusion, John stated the following; "All of my knowledge is based on Government documents, and this knowledge is extensive."

I share this story with you as a reminder. We have never been alone and never will be. There are forces more significant than the companies, governments, and individuals who seek to hide this one truth. We are at a seminal point where humankind's free will is apparent. What do you choose?


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