Being a Dad

Today was the first day of school for my daughter. She is entering the 7th grade and to add to the excitement of starting school she is also participating in a COVID 19 world with online classes at an entirely new school.
Now don't get me wrong, she is very excited about starting at a new school as well as the opportunity to meet new kids. The big difference here is that she is coming from a Waldorf education that she has been a part of for her entire school experience and now she will be learning and having experiences from a public school perspective.
When I was starting school I went from a Catholic school my first five years and then public schools through high school.
I had a big learning adjustment to make going from 5th grade to 6th and luckily for me, I had a group of supportive teachers that identified my learning issues and used the tools they had to get me up to my grade level. One of the biggest things I learned from those teachers is that you have all you need to succeed as long as you believe in yourself. They knew I just needed encouragement and their patients to help me. I in turn did the rest. It helped me start to try other things that I wasn't good at or had no experience with. It set my growth trajectory as a person and an entrepreneur.
So, as I enter this new school year with my daughter I carry with me the knowledge that all things do work out for me and they will for her too. And that there are wonderful teachers who care about helping children learn and become independent thinkers. Now she will have to put in the effort and ask for help when she needs it.
This I know she can do. And now, she will too.
The growth I want for her is an opportunity for me as well. I too will need to identify when I need help and then have the courage to ask for it.
Enjoy the new school year with your child and welcome all that comes because it will anyway and it is here to serve you.


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