25 years of Corporate America

I had the pleasure of working for some of the world's largest companies and learning how to navigate complex environments and succeed.  


Yes, I built a house

Having no experience in the construction trade but always dreaming of building a house from start to finish, I set out to realize my dream. As a result, I purchased a teardown and constructed a new home by myself, and of course, I had the help of years of watching This Old House, a builder's guidebook, and YouTube.


Singles TV

In the late 90s, I saw an opportunity to integrate television and the internet to bring video online dating to single people in Chicago. In addition, I created an online membership experience unseen at that time.



Over the past several years, I incorporated my marketing and sales experience and developed an online membership business for my wife's company, STATE

We have created a community that supports individuals who know there is more to life than what they've been told, and we support them with live and on-demand recorded content. 

My Team

My Team


Christopher Kies

Founder - Blue Sky Consulting

As a business owner and former corporate citizen, I have a unique ability to understand the challenges and opportunities people face.
I created My Blue Sky Reality to help people who want to learn how to create and experience the lives they've always dreamed of.


Lisa Kozlowski - Kies

Founder - STATE

Over the past 28 years, Lisa has been a clinical psychotherapist. She combines science and metaphysics and creates more conscious synchronicities. STATE was created for people who know there is more life and want to have fun creating.

Getting Started

getting started

How We MET

1st Grade St. John's 


3rd Grade St. John's 


2nd Grade St. John's


5th Grade St. John's


On my first day of grade one, I saw a girl walk into the classroom and immediately knew I wanted to get to know her. I didn't have to think; I just knew. We became fast friends and hung out until I had to move to a new town about an hour away. We stayed in touch through telephone calls and letters. During my first summer away from Lisa, I wrote a letter describing my feelings for her and how special she was. Twenty-four years later, that letter was the invitation we used for our wedding.

I understand my relationship with Lisa is special, but I don't believe it is different. We all have "knowings"; however, what we do with that information separates us from the rest. What do you know?


Where do You Want to Go? 

I was an average student throughout my academic career and was never encouraged to attend college. However, I knew I had what it took to succeed and trusted my abilities. I worked my way through college and graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
In the worst housing market in history (2011), I quit my corporate job and built a custom spec home. Many people told me I couldn't succeed because I had no formal trade experience, and the market was depressed. Again, I knew I had the capacity and the vision to achieve this task. I built that house and sold it for a profit that I had calculated and envisioned 12 months prior.
Why am I sharing these stories with you? Because I want you to know that I'm no different than you. I believed that I could accomplish my hopes and dreams, and then I went about making them happen.
I created My Blue Sky Reality because I want to share my knowledge and experience with you and let you know that you can achieve your hopes and dreams. Sometimes you need someone in your corner who believes in you. I just might be that person.

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