25 years of Corporate America

I had the pleasure of working for some of the world's largest companies and learning how to navigate complex environments and succeed.  


Yes, I built a house

I had never built anything before but I had a dream to create this house. I bought a teardown and built a new home by myself and of course, I had the help of years of watching This Old House, a builders guide book and YouTube.


Singles TV

In the late 90's I saw an opportunity to meld both television and the internt to bring online dating and custom content to single people in Chicago. My version was a meld of Dave Letterman meets the Love Connection.  I did all the production and had it running on Chicago Cable TV.  



The past several years I incorported my marketing and sales experience and developed an online membership business for my wife's company, STATE.  

We have created an online business that supports individuals who know that there is more to life and we support them with live and recorded content.  

about us


Christopher Kies

Founder Blue Sky Consulting

As a business owner and a former corporate citizen I have a unique ability to understand the challenges and opportunities people face.  I created Blue Sky to help people who want to learn how to create and experience the lives they've always dreamed of.


Lisa Kozlowski - Kies

Founder STATE

Over the past 25 years, Lisa has been a clinical psychotherapist. She melds science and metaphysics and creates more conscious synchronicities. STATE was created for people who know there is more life and want to have fun creating.

getting started


Where do You Want to Go? 

I was an average student and was not encouraged to go to college based on school standards at the time. I knew better and trusted in myself.  I did go to college and graduate.  In the worst housing market in history, I decided I would build a custom spec home and sell it. Many people had told me based on the fact that I was not a builder by trade and had no experience I would never be able to complete such a task.  Guess what?  I did go on to build the house and I sold it for a profit that I had envisioned 12 months prior. 

Why am I sharing these stories with you? Because I'm no different than any of you. I dreamed I could accomplish my hopes and dreams and then I made them happen.

I want to share the knowledge that you are enough and with help, you can achieve your hopes and dreams.  

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